Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Email Marketing Strategy: Ask For Permission Again

(it just might teach you something!)

Since most of us are using email marketing in conjunction with social media marketing, it is only fitting that we change the way we format our emails. In the past, emails were just marketing messages designed to make a sale, or create awareness. These emails still do that, however, the way we present the information has evolved. With the current trend of email based social media messaging, today’s email marketer must write content that favors engagement, that is, email messages that are designed to draw participation from the reader.

Engagement metrics the use of has been shown to improve email marketing revenue and email deliverability. You can do this by reducing or eliminating the amount of emails sent to inactive subscribers while increasing the amount of email messages sent to your most active subscribers.

“For instance, travel site Orbitz used a 3-email re-permission series to clean out subscribers who hadn’t opened or clicked in more than six months. Three percent said they wanted to continue receiving emails, 2% said they didn’t, and 95% didn’t respond. “We removed that 2% plus the 95% and all of our deliverability problems magically disappeared,” said Ted Wham, vice president of customer relationship marketing at Orbitz” {Engagement Based Emailing}.

Using this tactic, think of a re-permission series as a poll; you’re simply asking your subscribers do they want to continue to receive email marketing messages from you. This form of honest engagement with your email subscribers will allow you to clean up your email subscriber list, while also rediscovering inactive subscribers who may still want to receive your message, but stopped reading them because you started sending messages that were no longer valid to them. An email re-permission series challenges the email marketer to consistently create relevant content in order to stay top of mind for email list subscribers.

What email re-engagement strategies do you use? Share with us, we’d like to know!
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